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Designed by insolvency experts.

CORE IPS is the result of nearly 40 years’ know-how. Created and designed by insolvency experts, this market-leading software brings you a cost-effective way to manage any number and type of corporate or personal insolvency cases.

Shape CORE IPS to suit your business

Configure CORE IPS to the workflows and processes of your business to automate those time-consuming tasks and reduce errors. All with the added confidence of knowing you’ll remain compliant thanks to regular upgrades.

Key Features

Everything in one place.

Diary, workflow, task management, contact database and much more.

Any desk. Any device. Anywhere.

Your team are free to access their CORE IPS diaries and files from any computer or tablet using our secure cloud platform.

First rate specialist support.

A friendly, dedicated support team that know insolvency inside-out. Available by email, remote access and over the phone.

Compliance confidence.

Regular software upgrades containing the latest best practice advice from industry regulators and our team of compliance advisers.

Time-saving add-on modules.

Save time automating frequent tasks and searches.

Low-cost annual fee.

You speak, we listen

Our innovation is born out of challenge and the simple desire to make things better. It’s why we regularly bring our users together to exchange views, and why we feed all support call topics back to our developers.