Legislative changes such as the Corporations Act and Bankruptcy Act coming into effect later this year will place greater emphasis on engaging with creditors in a timely manner. With pressure on resources to deliver will you be ready? You can be with our useful addition – the CORE IPS Creditor Portal.

The Creditor Portal is a secure hub enabling registered CORE IPS users to publish case information which can be accessed by estate stakeholders, including creditors, employees, lenders and government departments.

Creditors require a great number of documents throughout the life of a case. By moving your documents to the Portal you can ensure creditors are notified quickly and easily when information is available for download. This provides instant cost savings, obvious time efficiencies as well as an audit-friendly trail.

The forthcoming legislation will change the process for decision making with physical creditor meetings being replaced by decision procedures such as simple voting and virtual meetings. Here’s how the Creditor Portal can help your business make sense of the changes.

Launch Creditor Portal Now

Key benefits of Creditor Portal


Engage creditors quickly and easily in the insolvency process.

Proof of debts (Claims)

When creditors upload a claim your team are instantly notified and can upload this data to IPS.


Make claims tracking easy by attaching supporting evidence. A valuable feature when new team members are required to pick up a case.

Voting decisions

Allow creditors to vote on decisions and make claims online. IPS ensures you always have the most up to date data. If you hold a virtual meeting the Portal also allows creditors to vote on resolutions being decided at the meeting.

Add value to your brand

Brand the Portal with your business logo.