As the industry evolves we’re committed to providing you with best practice methods to help your business optimise its insolvency procedures.

Here are some of the most useful features within CORE IPS

  • Everything in one place.

    Diary, workflow, task management, contact database and much more.

  • Compliance confidence.

    Regular software upgrades containing the latest best practice advice from industry regulators and our team of compliance advisers.

  • Fast communications with creditors.

    The IPS Creditor Portal helps you speed up communications, voting and decisions.

  • First rate specialist support.

    A dedicated support team that know insolvency inside-out.

  • Time-saving add-on modules.

    Optional add-on modules to save time with frequent tasks and searches.

  • Statutory returns.

    Run Government/ASIC compliant forms and GST/VAT/Tax returns quickly and easily.

  • Daily alerts and customisable diaries.

    Improve efficiency with integrated diaries and daily alerts listing required tasks.

  • Real-time reporting.

    From GST/VAT/Tax and R&P reports to prescribed legislative forms and conflict of interest searches, CORE IPS gives you the data you need quickly.

  • Document Management, evidence and case notes.

    Link documentation to each creditor through either our built-in Document Management module, or a third party solution, so any member of the team can quickly pick up on the details of any case.

  • Secure bank processing.

    Automatic bank reconciliation, transaction approval and processing with quick and easy access for making electronic and cheque payments. Another efficiency winner.

  • Time management and fees.

    Record chargeable and non-chargeable time plus disbursements seamlessly, with the flexibility to set different rates for particular clients, employees and tasks. Link directly to the treasury function and produce all the reports you need, including SIP/CoPP functionality, all at the touch of a button.

  • Remuneration approvals.

    Stay profitable and within the agreed fee scope by setting up alerts linked to time spent.

  • Any desk. Any device. Anywhere.

    Your team are free to access their CORE IPS diaries and files from any computer or tablet using our secure cloud platform.

  • Scale to fit.

    Best practice benefits whether you’re a single practitioner or nationwide business.

  • Low cost annual fee.